Extending and Customizing DKANΒΆ

Much additional functionality can be added simply by installing one of the tens of thousands of contrib modules from the Drupal community. However, as a Drupal Distribution DKAN is a flexible framework which developers can also build off of and add to.

DKAN consists of of a distribution profile which manages the initial installation, 3rd party libraries and drupal modules, and DKAN specific modules.

Below is a simplified version of where the DKAN code sits within the fully packaged version:

      libraries/ (3rd party libraries)
         dkan/ (dkan modules)
         contrib/ (3rd party module dependencies)
      themes/ (dkan themes)
      libraries/ (your libraries)
      modules/ (your modules)
      themes/ (your themes)

After installing DKAN additional functionality should be added to the “sites” directory.

In the future, this section will feature more detailed information on developing custom extentions to DKAN.