Open Data APIs

In addition to the Drupal and CKAN-based APIs supplied with DKAN, two major open data standards are supported. Both are supplied by and configurable through the Open Data Schema Map module.

Project Open Data

DKAN provides full support and mapping for U.S. Project Open Data, in both its federal and non-federal variants, with a data.json endpoint. The optional Open Data Federal Extras module is needed for full federal POD compliance. See a demo here.


DKAN also provides endpoints and configurable field mappings for DCAT-AP, the application profile for data portals in Europe, developed by the European Commission. DCAT-AP is of course based on the Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT), but provides stricter definitions of catalogs, datasets, distributions and other objects. Through Open Data Schema Map, DKAN provides both a catalog endpoint (see demo) and individual RDF endoints for each dataset (see by going to any dataset on and clicking the “RDF” link on the lefthand sidebar).

Field Comparison



DKAN Field/Property DCAT-AP property POD property
title dct:title title
body dct:description description
field_tags dcat:keyword keyword
field_license   license
field_spatial_geographical_cover dct:spatial spatial
field_frequency dct:accrualPeriodicity accrualPeriodicity
og_group_ref dct:publisher publisher
field_temporal_coverage dct:temporal temporal
field_data_dictionary   dataDictionary
field_contact_name dcat:contactPoint.vcard:fn contactPoint
field_contact_email dcat:contactPoint.vcard:hasEmail mbox
field_public_access_level dct:accessRights accessLevel
field_resources dcat:distribution distribution
field_related_content   references
uuid dct:identifier identifier
modified_date dct:modified modified
release_date dct:issued issued

The following properties are provided by the Open Data Federal Extras module and have no equivilant in DCAT. They are only relevant to U.S. federal agencies.

DKAN Field/Property POD property
field_odfe_bureau_code bureauCode
field_odfe_data_quality dataQuality
field_odfe_investment_uii primaryITInvestmentUII
field_odfe_program_code programCode
field_odfe_system_of_records systemOfRecords

Resource / Distribution

DKAN Field/Property DCAT-AP property POD property  
  dcat:accessURL accessURL  
  dct:conformsTo conformsTo  
body dct:description description  
field_link_remote_file || field_upload dcat:downloadURL downloadURL  
field_format   format  
field_upload:mime dcat:mediaType mediaType  
title title dct:title